Much Ado About Christmas Wrapped Shooting in Romania

Get in the Holiday Spirit with Much Ado about Christmas directed by Michael Damian wrapped shooting in Romania with Castel Film Studios providing services and several local professionals in the crew.

Synopsis:Susie Abromeit (Jessica Jones) stars as Haley, a wealthy heiress known for her acts of kindness. Haley meets hopeless romantic Claud (Torrance Coombs), and she keeps her wealthy family a secret. When Claud pitches an ad campaign to Haley’s mom and Haley’s secrets are revealed, things get…complicated.

Romanian DoP Viorel Sergovici, whose credits include Cristi Puiu’s Aurora (Mandragora, is lensing.

The crew includes many Romanian professionals such as production designer Sorin Dima, art director Tudor Stefan Ghiuta and costume designer Oana Paunescu.
The TV film is produced by the Motion Picture Corporation of America (MPCA), and it stars Susie Ambromeit and Jacinta Mulcahy. Janeen Damian and Michael Damian co-wrote the script.