NEW Project: Film Set Build in Braila’s Old Town

The policemen’s parking lot on Mihail Sebastian Street will be occupied until the 3rd of October by a reproduction of a part of a Bucharest church demolished by the communists.

The film shot in Braila is produced by Castel Film and follows the life of a famous actor, an active participant in the 1989 Revolution and in the 1990 Mineriada.

The producers say they chose Braila as the background for some scenes due to certain architectural elements there, but also due to the openness as support they received from local authorities.

In the parking lot on Mihail Sebastian Street with Mihai Eminescu Street, a film set is being built for a production directed by Vlad Paunescu, the general manager of the Castel Film studios in Bucharest. The set will represent a lateral wall of the church “Sf. Vineri” in Bucharest, which was demolished during communist times. In conformity with the Castel Film representative Miruna Gheorghiu, the rest of the church will be built during the post-productionof the film, using graphic effects.

The film to be shot in Braila is inspired by the story of a famous actor, known from many theatre playsin Bucharest, as well as from a great number of films realized before and after the 1989 revolution. “Our character takes part in the 1989 revolution, as well as in other events such as the 1990 Mineriada. Finally, he chooses the peace of monk life”, declared the Castel Film producers.

They say they chose Braila for shooting because they wanted to have available a type of urban architecture as similar as possible to that of 80s Bucharest, aspects that are presently nearly impossible to find in the capital. The Castel Film representatives also declared that the decision to shoot in our city was also helped by the support and openness they had from the local authorities in Braila.

The shooting will start on the 24th of September and will come to an end on the 30th of September. Apart from the decor building presently in progress in the parking lot next to the Police headquarters in the Old Town, several areas in the city will serve as background for shooting. A few sceneswill be “hosted” inside the “Maria Filotti” theatre, but the outside of the theatre is also considered by the producers for some sequences.

A few theatre actors from Braila were included in this project. “Taking advantage of the fact that we chose to shoot in Braila, we aimed to cast local actors, such as Valentin Terente, Zane Jarcu, Marcel Turcoianu. Also, the director of the “Maria Filotti” Theatre, Lucian Sabados, will have a small rolein the film. Apart from the Braila actors, other roles will be played by Ioan Andrei Ionescu, Ana Maria Guran, Valentin Popescu and Ozana Oancea. The main character will be played by Eduard Trifa, an actor from the National Theatre in Bucharest”, informed us Miruna Gheorghiu, the representative of Castel Film.

With regard to the parking lot on Mihail Sebastian Street, where the local policemen usually park their cars, it will be unavailable until the 3rd of October. As the owner, the County Council made this space available for Castel Film between the 17th of September and the 3rd of October. The County Council representatives informed us that the actual shooting will take place on the 29th of September, and until the 3rd of October, the parking lot must be free of the set built there. At the theatre, they will shoot on the 24th of October, inside, and on the 26th of October, outside.