Noomi Rapace Goes Full Orphan Black in Seven Sisters Trailer

from release: Set in 2073, the trailer shows us a glimpse of what life could be like under a one child per family rule, and it looks dystopian. The film also stars Glenn Close as Nicolette Cayman, a member of the shadowy Bureau, who are in charge of overseeing the enforcement of this policy. The film is directed by Tommy Wirkola, who is also known for directing Dead Snow, Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead and Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. The film itself has come from the ‘Black List’ survey, a list of promising screenplays waiting to find a studio willing to produce them.

“There were many challenges technically and also with story: How can you do this without it being a gimmick? Shooting it would take very long. We ended up shooting in Romania, where we could get the most for our money, and we had a budget of about $20 million. We shot in 94 days, which is an extremely long shoot. The first two months, almost, it was just Noomi alone playing against herself. We had to hire seven doubles, seven good actors from Europe, so we could rehearse with them and could basically block out all the scenes with them.”

Strangely, the film also has another title: ‘What Happened to Monday?‘. The alternate title clearly refers to the missing sister in the film. There’s a definite comparison to the hit BBC America series, Orphan Black. The series, starring Tatiana Maslany, focuses on a woman who discovers she is one of many clones. The ones she befriends are commonly known as ‘The Clone Club’. It deals with similar themes to Seven Sisters, running from authoritative figures and dealing with identity issues. However, that series is mainly set in the present day rather than a dystopian future.

The rights to distribute the film have been acquired by Netflix and according to the trailer, will be released on August 30. Seven Sisters has already had a theatrical release in the United Kingdom, but was quickly snapped up by the streaming giant. The film looks to step away from the glossy, futuristic nature of science fiction, instead choosing to embrace a gritty, dirty future in a similar way to films like Blade Runner. Seven Sisters has the potential to be a sleeper hit thanks to the Netflix release, alongside Noomi Rappace’s multiple performances.

Seven Sisters will be released on Netflix on August 30.

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