Raluca Turcan, Romanian Minister of Culture visiting the sets of “The Gray House” shooting at Castel Film Studio

The miniseries “The Gray House”, produced by Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman’s companies, tells the untold story of the women who influenced the fate of the American Civil War in favor of the North. Directed by Roland Joffe and based on a true story with a screenplay originally written by Darrell Fetty and Leslie Greif.

After more than six years of sustained work, executive producers Lori McCreary and Leslie Greif, along with producers Eric Tomosunas and Cristi Bostănescu, managed to bring this production to Romania and formed an international team that worked hard to prepare this project since with the month of September 2022.

Kevin Costner, who is on his second film in Romania, and Morgan Freeman sent a video message in which they expressed their admiration for the exceptional talent of the teams in Romania and for the enormous potential of our country in the film industry.

“The Gray House” is the first foreign film produced in Romania where the entire artistic management team is made up of Romanian professionals, and I would like to especially congratulate Adrian Curelea (production designer) and Oana Păunescu (costume designer), as well as and the entire production team, for the effort and talent with which they managed to create the universe of America in the years 1860-1865 in Bucharest.

Both productions enjoy exceptions to the rules affecting the general strike of actors and screenwriters.