The Golden FEMI Award for Best Feature Film went to The Ladder directed by: Vlad Paunescu from Romania

The solemn ceremony of awarding the BULGARIAN FILM AWARDS was broadcast in 63 countries. The honorary patronage was taken over by the Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mrs. Iliana Yotova and was held on June 4, 2022 in the halls “Sredets” and “Serdika” of “SOFIA HOTEL BALKAN”.

GOLDEN FEMI FILM FESTIVAL with artistic director director Efemia Fard is the organizer and initiator of the first such spectacular event in our country.

The Golden FEMI Award for Best Feature Film went to The Ladder directed by: Vlad Paunescu from Romania.

The film was produced by Castel Film Studios (Bucharest, Romania) and the award for the film was presented to renowned Romanian lawyer Paul George Cata, representative of Castel Film Studios (Bucharest, Romania).

Vlad Păunescu is one of the most important film producers in Romania, being the one who founded the production company Castel Film in 1992. Since then, over 120 Romanian and foreign films have been linked to Vlad Păunescu’s name: BORAT (directed by Larry Charles), COLD MOUNTAIN (directed by Anthony Minghela), HATFIELD AND MCCOY (directed by Kevin Reynolds) or TRAIN DE VIE (directed by Radu Mihăileanu).

Vlad Păunescu was the cinematographer for 17 Romanian feature films awarded at International Film Festivals in Manila, Moscow, Berlin, Toronto, among which Dan Pița’s films ORIENTEERING and SAND CLIFFS. In 2015 he made his directorial debut with the feature film LIVE, starring Rodica Lazăr and Tudor Chirilă.

CAST & CREW: Director: Vlad Păunescu/ Scriptwriter: Constantin Chelba, Vlad Păunescu/ Producer: Vlad Păunescu/ Executive Producer: Miruna Gheorghiu/ Cinematographer: Alexandru Sterian RSC/ Production Designer: Sorin Dima/ Costume Designer: Oana Păunescu/ Editor: Corina Stavilă, Mihai “Mushu” Popa/ Sound: Florin Tăbăcaru/ Music: Vasile Șirli

Congratulatory addresses from directors, screenwriters, producers from 63 countries were sent to the festival. The creators of the selected films cover the Golden FEMI Film Festival and applaud Bulgaria for hosting the innovative iconic cultural marker of the life of the capital, which has become a world event.

The countries from which the filmmakers have sent their films for the GOLDEN FEMI FILM FESTIVAL / Golden FEMI Film Festival /, and in which the event will be broadcast are:

Bulgaria, Romania, India, USA, Germany, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Brazil, France, Ukraine, Greece, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Australia, Egypt, Croatia, Syria, Serbia, Poland, Portugal, Norway, Iran, Malaysia, Turkey, China, Korea, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tunisia, Switzerland, Peru, Ireland, Hungary, Chile, Belgium, Austria, Armenia, Sri Lanka, Slovenia, Senegal, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Panama, New Zealand, Morocco, Black forest, Macedonia, Lebanon, Japan, Israel, Iraq, Estonia, Ecuador, Cyprus, Congo, Cameroon, Belarus, Algeria.

Director Dr. Arash Fard, a member of the jury, noted the festival’s special focus on women filmmakers, as well as the cause of the Golden FEMI Film Festival, against violence against women and children. The cause united world film thought.

Members of the festival jury are: actor Nikolay Urumov, actress Joana Bukovska-Davidova, animator Nikolay Matev, director Stefan Boyadzhiev, TV journalist and producer Elena Tabanova-Dimitrova, director Dr. Arash Fard and festival director- Efemia Fard.

The Golden FEMI Film Festival aims to develop a dynamic and vital artistic, critical environment and public dialogue in order to create and attract new audiences, to ensure accessibility and democracy in the presentation of audiovisual arts, including underrepresented groups or those with specific needs. The issue of domestic violence is one of the problems we are struggling with.

We have started a process of building new cultural markers and turning Bulgaria into a creative environment for full-blooded digital existence and recreation with living communities and innovative thinking filmmakers.

The thesis is for the creation of an “innovative cultural event-festival” in which unconventional, professional, student films, works of art and practices are presented and distributed, which are characterized by a synthesis of art and science, architecture, design, technology, pedagogy, education, ecology, healthcare, etc.

In the festival platform, directors, screenwriters, cinematographers, sound directors, editing directors are promoted, with the opportunity to create international co-productions for the production of new film projects.

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