“The Princess Switch” Is Another Netflix Holiday Fairytale

In “The Princess Switch”, Vanessa Hudgens plays both a duchess and a commoner in a mixed-identity movie that’s timed for the holidays. One of the women, Margaret, is the Duchess of Montenaro, which, if you’re wondering, is not a real place. The other woman, Stacy, is a baker who lives in Chicago. When Stacy travels to the fictional land of Belgravia to partake in a baking competition put on by the royal family, Stacy and Margaret cross paths and then switch places. The whole story sounds like a perfect fairytale-like situation, so it’s only right that the settings should be fairytale-like places.

Between the mistaken identities, the romance, the royalty, and the cake-baking competition, there’s a lot to love about “The Princess Switch”. You also have a lot more romances to swoon over, too, since both Duchess Margaret and Stacy find themselves lusting over the men in each other’s lives. Stacy falls for Margaret’s fianc√©, Prince Edward, and Margaret falls for Stacy’s assistant, Kevin (Nick Sagar).

“The Princess Switch” is written by Robin Bernheim (as Robin Bernheim Burger) and Megan Metzger, directed by Mike Rohl.

The movie was filmed in Romania at Castel Film Studios.

video source: youtube/ photos source: imdb.com