„Valea Muta“, an HBO Europe production realized in Romania, will debut soon and it focuses on a series of controversial topics

The new HBO Europe production realized in Romania, „Valea Muta“, will premiere on the 23rd of October, on HBO and on HBO GO.

The miniseries, directed by Marian Crisan, will debut on the 23rd of October. The first of the four episodes of the series will be broadcast on HBO on the 23rdof October, at 20.00, and it will also be available without a subscription on HBO GO.

„Valea Muta“ explores the relation between two teenagers which vacillates between friendships and attraction, while they are caught in a series of events that put them in danger: they witness some crimes committed in a forest near Brasov.

The film is based on a realist approach with no prejudice of the relationship between the two teenagers exposed to some happenings that will try their feelings as well as their identity. The thriller elements are combined with drama, while the investigation of the case (lead by Elena Zamfir, an ambitious prosecutor who is also Filip’s adoptive mother) advances, and the relations between the characters reach sensitive points which turn in conflicts that are hard to manage.

„Valea Muta“ guides its audience among controversial topics: prejudice, the underbelly of the contemporary families, the chasm created between the generations, the dysfunctional relations between the state institutions, the discrepancies between the social strata, the organized crime network, which perpetuates the suffering, the injustice and the poverty in a world full of contrasts.

In the main characters of the new HBO Europe production you’ll find actors Theodor Soptelea and Vlad Balan, who debut on screen with this, Rodica Lazar („Orizont“, „Carmen“), Emilian Oprea („De ce eu?“, „Autoportretu unei fete cuminţi“). The cast of the miniseries also includes the following: Corneliu Ulici, Alexandra Fasola, Ovidiu Niculescu, Mihai Calin, Alina Berzunţeanu, Mihaela Trofimov, Remus Margineanu, Ioan Tiberiu Dobrica.

The film is directed by Marian Crisan („Orizont“, „Rocker“, „Morgen“), and the Director of Photography is Tudor Mircea („Comoara“, „Cand se lasa seara peste Bucuresti sau metabolism“, „Rocker“).

„Valea Muta“ is an adaptation of a Norwegian format, „Øyevitne/Eye Witness“, with a script by Christian Barna. The shooting lasted 48 days and it took place, mostly, in Brasov County. The HBO team that was involved in the realization and production of the series is represented by Johnathan Young and Steve Matthews, the HBO Europe executive producers, Andra Radu, HBO Romania creative producer and Alina David, HBO Romania producer. The production house for the Valea Muta seriesis Castel Film, represented by Bogdan Moncea.

Info/photo and teaser source: http://m.adevarul.ro/