Castel Film Studios can accommodate almost anything you can dream of:

  • 10 soundstages
  • 65 acres backlot
  • Multiple era standing sets
  • 1 water tank
  • Adjacent available wild forest and lake
  • Numerous offices, dressing rooms, workshops, storage space


Castel Film Studio has ten Sound Stages ranging from 600 square meters (6,000 square feet) to 3354 square meters (36,100 square feet) located on our lot. All stages have support multi-functional rooms. We constantly work to accommodate our clients’ needs so we recently started the construction of our tenth Sound Stage of 1500 square meters (16,150 square feet) to answer the demand. Our stages were specially built for feature films and each one of them has its own story beginning in 1992 until nowadays. Stage 5 is one of the top 3 stages in Europe and has a 20 meters x 10 meters x 4 meters ( 66 ft x 33 ft x 13 ft) deep water tank with crystal windows which allows to shoot “dry”.

Total Area

Standing Sets

Castel Film Studio Facilities has a wide variety of outstanding Standing Sets. There are new sets added constantly. Please check our site for latest developments. The sets can be dressed, modified or revamped to match our clients’ specific needs for any period or look. The advantage is obvious: you can shoot in a fully controlled environment with all production services immediately available. Castel Film boasts a generous 25 hectares (65 acres) backlot including large adjacent old natural forest.

Accces to the largest natural lake (17 kilometrs i.e. 11 miles long) in the vicinity of the studio. Lakeshore offers various shooting locations from modern residential areas to wild landscapes.