From 1990 to today, here are some of the most important events in our history.

1990 – 1992


Right after the fall of the communism, Romania found itself to be a virgin land for the global film industry.

1990: This is the beginning

Charlie Band, Debra Dion, Oana, and Vlad (behind) on the first soundstage


After the collapse of communism, there’s almost no infrastructure to support the film industry in Romania. Vlad Paunescu, a DOP and also a producer, organizes one of the first private international service production companies in the region.

1992: Foundation

First stake of the future sound stages, on an empty field near a forest and a river.


Castel Film Studios are born.
One by one, Soundstages 1-7 are raised.

1992 – 1995


The films of this period present new challenges for a young and enthusiastic team.


A partnership between Full Moon (USA) and Castel Film Studios begins that will lead to the development of several horror films between 1990 and 1995.

1992: The first set

1993: Subspecies

Horror movies raise complex and interesting issues related to costume production. The team develops.

1995 – 1998


Castel Film Studios grows alongside the new trend in American cinema.


The low cost of shooting in Romania allowed filmmakers to build whole “worlds” for their projects and with them rewarding, new experiences.

1995 – 1997

More elaborate productions led to the development of workshops, equipment houses and other production facilities.

1997: Train of Life

Radu Mihaileanu’s film, the first major production of Castel Film.

1997: Production Challenges

There’s an urgent need for two period, steam locomotives. Within a week they are found far North Romania, brought to set and readied for production.

1997 – 1998

While filming Train of Life, Castel Film begins to prepare its largest production up until that time, Beowulf starring Christopher Lambert. Three new sound-stages are built within in eight weeks.

1995 – 1998

In this period, Castel Film Studios become a direct supplier to Paramount.

2000 – 2008


An intense rhythm of 8 to 12 productions per year. The first super-production.

2000: Princess of Thieves

Keira Knightley makes her debut at Castel Film.

2002: Cold Mountain

The first super-production at Castel Film Studios. After discussions with Castel Film’s team, Anthony Minghella and Miramax decide to shoot in Romania.

2003: Damen Tango

The first feature film financed and produced by Castel Film.


Starring Wesley Snipes, the first “action star” film shot in Romania, now a frequent location for action films starring Jean Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal and others.

2004: Borat

Another important, well know production shot at Castel Film.

2006: Barbarossa

Castel Film’s back-lot is expanded to include a 3000 sqm construction of 12th century Milan.

2006: La Urgență

The first dramatic TV serial produced by Castel Film.

2009 – 2013


After the global financial crisis that seriously affected the film industry, Castel Film experienced a renewal of interest in shooting in Romania.

2009 – 2011

A period with few productions in which the perseverance of the Castel Film team was tested.

2010: Ghost Rider

Castel Film’s first entry into the popular super-hero genre, starring Nicolas Cage.

2011: Hatfields & McCoys

A Western town is built on our back-lot for the History Channel mini-series which becomes the most-watched basic cable program in American TV history, with more than 50 awards and nominations.

2012: Twentieth Century – Fox / Universal Studios

American producers such as Hallmark, Lifetime and Cinemax come to Castel Film to produce numerous TV projects. Castel Film becomes a direct supplier to Twentieth Century-Fox and Universal Studios.


John Boorman shoots with Castel Film Studios.

2014 – now


The beginning of a new period thriving with major productions, production series and more attention given to the market in Romania.

2014: Live

Vlad Paunescu makes his directorial debut with the film Live.

2015: What happened to Monday?

Producer Raffaella de Laurentiis brings her third feature to Castel Film.

2015 – 2016: Harley and the Davidsons

Castel Film’s largest production to date, The Discovery Channel mini-series meant recreating 1920s America.

2016: The Silent Valley

Castel Film’s first original series for HBO

2016: Castel Film's Headquarters

Opening of a new Administrative Headquarters.