Cafeteria & catering

If you decided to work with us and have your project come to life within the Castel Film Studios, the cafeteria is the perfect place for a lunch with the entire production team. Here, every day, we serve diversified menus covering a varied range of tastes and preferences. The Castel Film Chefs have a vast national and international gastronomical experience and they will always come up with the perfect menu, even if it is a special kind of cuisine (vegan, vegetarian, Mediterranean, Asian menus) or an à la carte menu. Custom menus will be created upon request. In short – anything can be done.

The cafeteria

The cafeteria may accommodate up to 200 persons and can provide catering services for more than 1200 persons daily. We proudly cooked for distinguished guests like Kevin Costner, Nicolas Cage, Bill Paxton, Jeff Goldblum, Paul Schrader, Ciaran Hinds, Melanie Laurent, Kiefer Sutherland, Keira Knightley, Sasha Baron Cohen, Kevin Reynolds, Paula Patton, Paddy Considine, Radha Mitchell, Steven Segal, Wesley Snipes, Rutger Hauer, F Murray Abraham, Peter Weller, Jason Flemyng, Jennifer Tilly, and many more.


The catering team is made of Chefs with culinary experience and they are able to transform an everyday snack into an innovative combination of tastes. We will adapt to any culinary preferences, whether they are traditional, Mediterranean or even Asian, and we take into account the nutritional values by using 100% natural products and spices.

Fabrika DaDa is able to offer craft and catering services for film and advertisement productions within the studios it can accompany the team in the established locations, offering craft and catering services for a team of over 300 pers/day.