New project in Pitesti Town!

The Pitesti municipality is one of the cities where some of the project developed by the „Castel Film” Cinematographic Studio will be shot in the close future.

The project consists of the realization of the film „Scara”, directed by Vlad Paunescu, a filmmaker with vast experience in producing Romanian and foreign films. Thus, for two days, the 30th and the 31st of October 2019, the production team of the film will shoot in the yard of the Sfanta Vineri church, situated on 44 Sfanta Vineri Street, the activity requiring the freeing of 10 parking spots situated on Sfanta Vineri Street and of 15 parking spots situated on Mihai Viteazul Street, where the technical trucks will be parked.

Inspired by the life story of a well-known Romanian actor, a witness of the demolition of the Sfanta Vineri church by the communists, an active participant in the 1989 Revolution – as well as in other events which culminated with the 1990 mineriad (bloody event caused by then president Iliescu who summoned the country’s miners to Bucharest for them to protect democracy. The trip of the miners to the capital in trains made available to them resulted in many deaths and injuries of innocent citizen) – and who eventually retired to the peace of monastic life, the film is 100% a Romanian production, realized with the support of the National Center of Cinematography.

The Pitesti municipality supports the realization of this major cultural project so that it can comply with the schedule established by the producers and reach its goal of immortalizing, via the cinematographic art, the history of a man between time and timelessness, between impermanence and eternity.