Nothing can stop us from doing what we love! Safety Guideline Covid 19 Productions Romania

Order no. 2879/967/2020 of Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Health on measures to prevent contamination with the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and to ensure safe health activities in the field of culture in Romania.

Chapter IV Measures and rules in the field of film and audio-visual production

(1) Film production activities are part of the category of services with a medium-high potential for the spread of SARS-CoV-2 virus infection.
(2) Measures concerning employees and individual liability:

a) the obligatory wearing of the mask (medical / non-medical), which must cover both the mouth and the nose;

b) if the employee has symptoms of respiratory infection (cough, sneezing, rhinorrhoea, fever, altered general condition) he does not show up at work and contacts the family doctor;

c) isolation at home, in case he came in contact with a suspected or confirmed case of infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the announcement of the County Public Health Directorate and the municipality of Bucharest;

d) frequent hand hygiene (with soap and water or alcohol-based disinfectant) and avoid touching the face with unhygienic hands; Regular hand hygiene is preferable to wearing disposable gloves.

(3) Measures concerning the employer:

a) elaboration of their own instructions based on the risk assessment for each employee, depending on the work schedule, the specifics of the activity carried out, the organizational structure, the structure of the premises;

b) occupational medicine doctors will make the risk assessment and will issue recommendations on the need to wear a mask for employees, depending on the specifics of the activity performed

c) the Health &Safety Manager will carry out the training of the employees regarding the safety and health at work.

d) the resumption of the activity will be done gradually, in accordance with the local epidemiological situation, from the county / region where the filming location is located;

e) placing, in a visible place, written announcements regarding the rules of physical distance and those of access to the plateau;

f) measuring the temperature by non-contact thermometer as well as performing the daily observational triage at the entrance to the set / shooting location. Symptomatic persons (cough, sneezing, rhinorrhoea , fever, altered general condition) as well as those with a measured temperature higher than 37.3 ° C will not be allowed ; If the recorded temperature exceeds 37.3 ° C , it is recommended to repeat the temperature measurement after a period of 2-5 minutes of rest;

g) the organization of the workspace so as to allow the maintenance of the physical distance of 1.5 meters between any two persons;

h) for the filming carried out indoors, the limitation of the number of people, depending on the surface of the filming set so that each person has an afferent surface of 4sqm of space;

i) promotion of individual hygiene measures;

j) placement of dispensers with disinfectant solutions both at the entrance to the film set, in the individual caravans, and in the common spaces;

k) training of staff on hygiene measures;

l) frequent disinfection of surfaces used by more than one person, with authorized biocidal substances;

m) disinfection of technical equipment: film cameras, microphones, walkie-talkies, headphones, etc. If filming materials and equipment are purchased / rented, a protocol must be established with each supplier to clean and sanitize them so that the quality and properties of the materials and equipment are not affected.

n) restricting scenes involving a large number of people on a small area;

o) indoor scenes with a distribution of more than 10 people will be filmed only if it is possible to maintain the physical distance;

p) the physical contact between the actors will be limited;

q) scenes with long close contact will be avoided (more than 15 min, at a distance of less than 1.5 m);

r) the organization of open buffet meals will be avoided. Packaged food and soft drinks will be distributed for individual consumption;

s) the meals will be served in individual portions, maintaining the physical distance of 1.5 m;

t) the rooms where the activity takes place will be periodically ventilated;

u) in the case of air-conditioned rooms with air recirculation, nebulization will be performed once a week, outside the working hours and the disinfection of the air conditioning installation will be performed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

(4) Special precautions:

a) the long presence of actors in risk groups (e.g. age over 65 and / or associated chronic diseases) will be avoided;

b) makeup and hairstyle will be performed in compliance with universal precautions: maintaining physical distance, limiting close contact, sanitizing hands and disinfecting surfaces before and after the makeup / hairdresser session;

c) separate make-up and locker rooms will be organized for actors and extras;

d) equipment / clothing assistance will be limited to the minimum possible;

e) the locker rooms will be disinfected regularly;

f) it is recommended to use individual transport, by personal car, as much as possible. If organized transport is used for several persons, the mandatory rules for persons using public transport shall be observed;

g) throughout the production period, it is recommended to limit to the strictly necessary the personal movements of the team members.

h) in the extraordinary situation where a member of the team develops respiratory symptoms during the work schedule, the recommendations are the following:

immediate isolation from the rest of the team and organization of their individual transport home and contacting the family doctor;
the room in which the person spent a long time is closed and ventilated for 24 hours;
after ventilating the space, cleaning is performed, as well as the rigorous washing and disinfection of the respective room;
if the person has spent more time, equally, in several rooms, the procedure from letter c) will be repeated for each room;

i) in case a suspected or confirmed COVID person has been present in one or more production locations, within a shorter interval of 7 days, the procedure provided above shall apply;

j) for the activity carried out in the offices of the production companies, measures will be applied according to the Order of the Minister of Labor and Social Protection and of the Minister of Health no. 3,577 / 831/2020 on measures to prevent contamination with the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and to ensure the performance of work at work in conditions of safety and health at work, during the alert state.

k) for the foreign citizens, arrived in Romania, the members of the filming teams will be granted a special derogation from the measure of isolation at home / quarantine of 14 days. They will prove negative testing on arrival in the country and a second test will be performed in Romania within 2-5 days of arriving in the country, or immediately if the appearance of symptoms of respiratory illness.


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